Top 15 New Open World Games 2022

Prince Lodhi, Saturday, July 9, 2022


Hello everyone. back again with brain game. we have collected top 15 new open world games 2022. 2020 and 2021 were a bit of a tough challenge for developers. The worldwide health pandemic outbreak caused so many quarantine orders and shutdowns to take place. As a result, several video games that we were anticipating have been pushed back. That should make for quite the packed year for video games in 2022. In this list, we’re going to highlight some video games we can’t wait to play.

Until all the games are out and 2022 is wrapping, it’s difficult to really rank these games. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best new open-world games coming in 2022. before we start to discuss the top 10 new open world games 2022. and don’t forget to turn on the notification bell so you all don’t miss a article from us here are the top 15 new open world games 2022.

Ark ΙΙ

Ark II. Ark was a hit survival open-world game where players start with nothing. You’re forced to survive a hostile world with different animals and other players. This game has a strong following, but now we have a sequel in the works. We’re waiting on more information, but this should be a familiar open-world survival game if you played the last installment. Players will hunt for resources, gather items to craft better gear, meet up with other players, and join forces or battle for all the gear.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. You might recall the Test Drive series as it’s been around for years, with the first installment coming out into the marketplace back in 1987. Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a dormant period after 2012’s release with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. However, in 2016 Nacon acquired the Test Drive IP and is rebooting the franchise. So far, we know that the game will feature complete recreation of the Hong Kong Island while also featuring a wide variety of sports cars ranging from Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. We’re still waiting for more information to come out, but this could be another thrilling open-world racing game to pick up this year.


V RISING. V Rising puts players into the role of a vampire. Within the game, players are awakened from a slumber that lasted centuries. Weak and needing blood, you begin your journey of gathering up easy prey before you’re able to rebuild your castle. However, being a vampire means sticking to the shadows during the day and thriving in the open at night. Players can also expect an online multiplayer component. Here players can battle together to dominate humanity or take on each other in some PvP matches.


Sonic Frontiers. This year, Sonic Frontiers is the next mainline Sonic the Hedgehog game. During The Game Awards 2021, we got the grand reveal for this title. However, we didn’t get the finer details of what exactly we could expect. So far, we know the game is centered around a large open-world environment. A lot of players are comparing this game to the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, for now, it’s purely a waiting game to see just how this game will hold up compared to other past iconic Sonic the Hedgehog titles.


LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga. You might find this game to be a bit surprising on the list. Typically Lego games are more linear, with players going through lighthearted parody versions of the source material. In fact, we have seen Lego Star Wars games in the past. However, this is a reboot of sorts as this game offers all nine of the Skywalker saga episodes to go through. Players can venture through the game from start to finish, but you’ll have a large open world map to explore between missions. This includes being able to traverse to different worlds. You’ll likely find different levels to be linear, but you’ll find plenty of exploration to be had here between level missions.


State of Decay 3. State of Decay is a third-person survival horror video game series that got its start back in 2013. Now we’re gearing up for a third installment, although outside of a teaser trailer confirming the game is in the works, we don’t have much more to go off on. Overall, in the game series, players are tossed into an open-world environment during a zombie apocalypse. From there, players must scavenge for items and build strongholds. The teaser trailer we’ve received so far showcases a snow tundra with mutated animals. Still, an exact location or what new hostile obstacles we’ll be facing has yet to be revealed.


The Day Before. The Day Before is a game that’s often described to be quite a bit like The Division. In this game, we’re taken to a post-pandemic America that has been seemingly wiped out. Most have been infected with a virus that turns them into mindless zombies. Now once bustling cities are nothing more than a shell of their former glory. Players are just trying to survive in this open-world MMO. You’ll have to go around different buildings searching for useful loot, resources to maintain your vitals, and better gear. Of course, not everyone you’ll meet along the way is friendly. There could very well be a group venturing around in search of easy prey. It’s a constant fight players are being tossed into. As a result, playing with friends might be key to always having someone looking out for your back. With that said, even if you’re not coming across hostile players, you’ll still have to deal with the slew of the undead.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl was a game that the developers tried to get up into the marketplace several years ago at this point. Unfortunately, development was scrapped but was picked back up once again, with players now expecting this title to launch in 2022. Much like the first game, players take the role of a stalker who ventures into The Zone, an area filled with radiation due to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Here, you will seek out goods and come face to face with horrific mutated creatures and abnormalities. Furthermore, this will feature a seamless open-world experience where you can freely explore the dangerous post-apocalyptic wilderness. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much footage of the world we’ll get to explore at this point, but the developers are still pushing for a launch within 2022 so we’ll have to keep tabs on this game.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Rocksteady Studios delivered a killer Batman series. However, the developers wrapped up their time with the Dark Knight after so long and ended the Arkham franchise. Since then, fans have been wondering what the next game would be from this talented development team. That next game ended up being another DC Comics franchise. Rocksteady Studios is bringing out Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.the IP is based around Arkham Asylum’s worst criminals. Unwillingly tossed into their own elite task force known as the Suicide Squad, this group constantly has their work cut out for them. When situations prove too dire and deadly for other tasked forces, the Suicide Squad is thrown in. Planted with a bomb in their heads, our new group of protagonists is forced into saving the day. We’re following Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark who is on a covert mission in this game. Unfortunately for them, it looks like their targets are a newly brainwashed Justice League leaving them with their greatest challenge yet.


GhostWire Tokyo. Tango Gameworks might be best known for a more horrifying experience. So far, the studio only has two installments available outside of this upcoming title. If you don’t know them by the development studio name, these are the folks who brought out The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Now, the studio is working on something more action-oriented but with still some spooky elements. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players, are taking the role of Akito, who discovers the citizens of Tokyo had mysteriously vanished. Now in their place are otherworldly spirits. Having new powers that manifested in Akito, our protagonist must use a series of spells and supernatural attacks to defeat the spirits and uncover what is happening in the city.


Crimson Desert. Crimson Desert comes from the development studio that has brought out the popular Black Desert MMORPG. In fact, at one time, Crimson Desert was set to be a prequel to Black Desert before the developers scrapped the idea. Now it’s become a standalone experience set within a medieval fantasy world. In this game, we’re thrown into the role of a mercenary who is off exploring a war-torn world. Fortunately, you’re not exploring it alone and partaking in new quests without aid. Apparently, we’ll be building up our own group of mercenaries in this game, each with their own story to tell. You’ll want to group up with fellow mercenaries as it appears this open world is not for the weak. There are all kinds of terrors, both big and small, to be mindful of. Likewise, each region on this map, whether its harsh deserts to the frigid mountains, will have its own unique characters and monsters to face against. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure just when this game will come out, but we’re hopeful that 2022 doesn’t wrap without it being available.


DOKE V. Pearl Abyss first brought out the highly successful MMORPG, Black Desert. From there, they are developing Crimson Desert and this new IP called DokeV. We don’t have a ton of information on this game quite yet, but visually it’s rather stunning. From what we know so far, this is an open-world action-adventure game centered around creature-collecting. While we are waiting on more details to come out for DokeV, this is one game well worth keeping some tabs on. It might not appeal to everyone, but it certainly has a bright and detailed world.


AVATAR: Frontiers of Pandora. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is an anticipated game that we don’t have a ton of information on. At the moment of writing this game description, we have only seen one trailer, but we do know that this game will put players in control of Na’vi. Here we’ll have to work against the RDA forces in a new area of Pandora. While we’re waiting for more information to come out on the game, we know that this title will be developed under Massive Entertainment, who you might know best lately for their work on Tom Clancy’s The Division and its sequel, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.


Saints Row. A new Saints Row game is in the works, and so far, reception is mixed. The game is not out yet, but some longtime fans are uncertain how this installment might go. In this game, we’re following a new gang that is rising up to take power. Set within a fictional American southwest city, factions are already established, so it’s an uphill battle to gain some notoriety. Again, we’ll get new characters to take control of the streets, although we’re uncertain if the gameplay will end up being over the top like past installments. So far, we know that this game will be hitting the marketplace early in 2022, so more details should start coming out soon.


Fable. There have been rumors that Microsoft wasn’t going to keep the Fable IP on ice forever. Thankfully for fans, Fable is making a significant return with a reboot. Unfortunately, very few details have been released so far at the time of writing this description. Fable has always been about adventure, making choices, and exploring the open world. With this being a reboot, we don’t know if we will experience a familiar narrative or if there will be any locations and characters making a return. What we do know is that Playground Games are developing the title. If you’re not familiar with the name, Playground Games is a studio that is responsible for the Forza Horizon franchise. As a result, this is quite a different project for the studio to handle. While it’s clear that the development studio can craft up some beautiful landscapes for the Forza Horizon games, we’re uncertain just how well the team can pull off an action RPG, especially one that has a big following. those are some of the top top 15 new open world games 2022. and there are still lots of other games that are no less interesting. if there are game recommendations, you can write them in the comments.

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