The Real Reason Sony Bought Bungie, GTA 6 Confirmed, and More

Prince Lodhi, Monday, July 4, 2022

Hello folks, today is Friday, February 6th, 2022. As usual, my name is Jake Baldino here to talk about all the video game news that has been going on this week.


As a pretty stacked week, considering it’s early February, where it’s usually dead. There’s a lot to dive into, so let’s jump in with the first big surprise story. The next Grand Theft Auto is now officially, really, seriously confirmed and coming. Yes, straight from the horse’s mouth, Rockstar Games themselves put out a post today detailing some stuff like the future of GTA online. But in there, there was also a nugget of this information. “We are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway. They just put it out. It’s real. So Grand Theft Auto 6, or whatever it may be, is in the works.

Now this of course comes after rumors and rumors and craziness for years. Leaks, not leaks, job listings, and stuff like that. So we’ve known something was in the works, it was pretty obvious. But now to finally, officially hear it? Great. When is it gonna be? Probably a while, just because of the way these games take a long time to make, coupled with the fact that the last year or two has been a little bit messy for game development studios overall. I wouldn’t expect to see this thing anytime soon, especially considering this was a little quiet announcement. This wasn’t like a big, bold, proud announcement.

It was like a, “Hey, by the way, leave us alone.” So now just cue the rumor mill of what the next Grand Theft Auto is gonna be about. What if they put a girl in it? (screams) Seriously though, this will be fun. We have very much been a channel that talks about Grand Theft Auto in the past, so for another one to ramp up, it’s exciting for us. We like those games. We like making videos about them. So yeah, let’s go. Now, in other news, on a negative note Battlefield 2042 looks like it needs more time, which it doesn’t come like a big surprise to people who have played it or really took issues with it. Battlefield 2042, of course, was like the poster child for 2021 releasing some busted games.

And now with this new developer community announcement, a hot fix has been pushed and now seemingly is March, which seems like a long time away. And with it is going to come a bunch of updates that people have requested and fixes and technical stuff. But, damn, all we wanted to do with pointing this out is just the fact that, yeah, it’s great, you guys need time for fixes for the game, but, of course, we would’ve loved the game to have released in a better state. Personally, I don’t put that on the individual developers crafting the game, I put that on the corporate interest behind it where the games eventually can be delayed, but eventually they gotta get pushed out the door, whether they’re ready or not.

And that sucks because we get stuff like this. Many a game has been saved in the past with post-launch updates, though, so we’ll see where it goes. But, in other news, some wild news earlier this week, Monday, what a way to start week with a bang. Sony has purchased Bungie for billions of dollars. Yes, in case you missed it, begun the console war acquisitions have. It’s $3.6 billion was this purchase and it’s wild and unexpected and, according to it, on both Sony’s end and Bungie’s end, Bungie’s actually going to be able to remain pretty independent and put out games multi-platform, which of course we’re gonna have to believe it when we see it, but that’s a notably different approach than Microsoft.

We did a whole video covering the little ins and outs in the details in the announcements, but basically it seems like Sony is acquiring them really for everything because they can make cool, intellectual property, Bungie has a history of that. Sony wants to also take them into movie and TV levels of things and live service games. This is where it seems like Sony’s plans for Bungie and their reasons for buying them are really coming out. Because, later in the week, we learned a bit more that gives it context. Because we now know that Sony is planning more than 10 live service games before March 2026.

And Jim Ryan has alluded to this in interviews talking about this acquisition. So, that’s where they’re going. Live service games, a lot of people are burnt out on them. I personally don’t really like many of them at all, but maybe Sony can do a new spin on it with some of their earn internal studios. I would like to see that. I would like to see some creativity with the concept. I understand why companies would wanna keep developing games that just keep churning and earning more money forever, but it has to be good (stutters) I don’t know, man, they’re just gonna put (beep) NFTs in the game.We’ll see where all of this stuff goes because Jim Ryan, Sony head, has said to keep an eye on them because they’re gonna be announcing more acquisitions, there’s more stuff in the works.

And, according to a new report, Sony still has 10 billion kicking around that they’re spending. So let’s see where this goes. Hey, next up this episode is brought to you by Epic Desk. Now, I know a lot of you guys out there are like me, you’re using these plain old, boring black desk mats or mouse pads for your work or gaming set up.

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Shop and use our code to get 15% off any stock Epic Desk mat. Once again, check out that link in the description down below. Have fun, thank you guys for watching, and thanks to Epic Desk for sponsoring this video. And real quick sticking with PlayStation news, it’s a pretty Sony-heavy week, it’s now official, you can link your PSN account with Discord. This was announced last year, but it’s finally rolling out and that’s pretty cool and convenient. Also PSVR2 now has an official site. That popped up earlier this morning. It seems like there’s gonna be a thing with reservations or pre-orders for it. It was mentioned at the bottom of the site, so maybe keep your eyes peeled on that. We still haven’t seen the physical headset yet, though, but still, it’s a real thing now. It’s becoming real.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Friday show without a game delay. (claps) What have we got this week? Can you guess? Guess what it is. – [Man] Is it Gotham Nights? No, Suicide Squad. – Close, yeah, that was good. Yeah, man, Suicide Squad from Rocksteady Games has been pushed to 2023. So, there you have it, another one.

We also got a bunch of cool announcements and new game stuff this week that I definitely think you should check out. All of the stuff, the news stories we talked about, all of it will be linked in the description down below, of course. The first thing we got is Yacht Club’s new game. The people behind Shovel Knight are making a new, very much classic style game. This time, it’s a really old school, 8-bit style action adventure game.

And it is called Mina the Hollower. I definitely wanna hear what you guys think of this one. It’s definitely a bit of a shift from their previous game, but I’m really curious to see what they do with this one because I think it’s a little deceptively simple. Also, it’s Friday, Dying Light 2 is out. It’s finally out. I played a review copy, I’ve been playing it for a while. I definitely recommend the game. It definitely has a lot of technical issues and I don’t think some of the decision stuff totally lived up to the hype, but I have had so much freaking fun with the core game play that I totally recommend it.

So we will link the Before You Buy down in the description. If you are like a freaking million people that watched it, thank you, thank you a lot. Means the world to us. I bust my ass on those, so thank you. Also, the Bloodborne demake has really been blowing up the internet because it’s now officially out and you can download and play it. It is available. What we linked in the description down below is a YouTube video of the maker doing a whole play through video.

And it is absolutely incredible. The level of detail, the nuance to everything, how it uses the Bloodborne sounds, how it replicates the visuals, it’s so cool. And I just, I real, I’ve said this before on the show, but I just really love how, when people love video games and they have some skills behind them, freaking anything can happen. Also, Sony hosted two State of Plays this week. The first was for Gran Turismo 7, detailing all of that stuff. It is of course, once again, another gorgeous, slick, and very slick interface-heavy Gran Turismo game.

It looks incredibly impressive. That’s coming in March. And we also got a big long look at Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is also releasing in March, we now know. I wasn’t super excited about this game, despite the people involved, but now seeing some game play, it looks like this weird, cool, FPS Doctor Strange ghost hunting game that I never knew I wanted, but I’m in. Now shifting gear to some other last minute news, CD Projekt Red has, in an interview, stated that their goals for this year is to kickstart development on two new Triple-A titles. Yes, of course, they’re still very much working on Cyberpunk and cleaning up some things and releasing new content, but they’re looking towards the future. “The simultaneous implementation of two Triple-A projects is our strategic goal for this year.” Along with that, apparently they’re going to hire and staff up more too. So it just goes to show with the issues and the internet anger with Cyberpunk and it being a rough product, definitely valid. The money train just keeps on rolling. And also, in other cynical news, we’re getting a new Call of Duty tease or something. Infinity Ward has tweeted a teaser. A lot of people think it’s gonna be Modern Warfare 2, or something like that. This is interesting because we also talked about the possibility, with the Xbox acquisition, that ActiVision was maybe gonna kinda space out their Call of Duty releases, but definitely not yet. So, here we are. Still, it is a hell of a week for video games, in terms of things releasing, things released last week, things releasing next week. Pokemon, Dying Lights, Sifu. There’s games everywhere, so I wanna hear what you guys think about the news this week, but I also wanna know what you’re playing. We always leave it as a pinned comment. It’s for our research, so thank you. But let’s talk in the comments.

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